Sunday, March 18, 2012

Teaching English as a Second Language aka Free Room and Board!!!

Have you ever thought about teaching as a career? But decided to go for a different major instead? Well here is your chance to teach! You can have an all expense paid trip for as little as two weeks to up to a year teaching English as a second language!

The shorter trips such as with VaughanTeacher you get to stay in resorts, free! All you have to do is spend a good part of your day conversing in English with the program participants. You do not have to do anything extreme.

There are also other long-term options, getting your TESL certificate and teaching aboard in certain locations in a more permanent basis. Just be leery of the TESL certifications you can find online. A lot of them will fly you to an exotic place and get you certified for thousands of dollars but others will give you the certification while in training to teach in your new location for the at cost pricing.

However, you do not have to have a TESL certificate, it just depends and where you want to go. You can look up teaching as a second language positions by the country, even city that you want to go to. Most places will include living expenses and travel expenses in the arrangement along with your salary; all you have to do is show up for work!

Here are a few short-term TESL programs, you do not need a TESL certificate for these programs, but you do need at least a Bachelors Degree. (spain) (spain) (Germany) (Sudan)

For a TESL Certificate program, there are many different options. Many community colleges, online colleges, and universities offer certificates or even degrees in TESL. Browse around and find on that works best for you.