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Planning a Road Trip = Hard Work!

The last couple of weeks I have been planning a Road Trip to Seattle. Now this isn't just a "fun" trip there is a purpose behind it. So I cannot simply jump in the car and drive. Not to mention driving from Springfield, MO to Seattle, WA is a 33 hour trip, one way! In my attempts to find good routes/cheap lodging/interesting stops/gas stops/etc I have come across road trip planning websites. They might be helpful to some but from the few that I browsed or attempted to use they are not very thorough. The most "detailed" site I have found thus far allows you to put in a trip and gives you hotel locations along the way in your budget. But that is it. I have found a couple of neat sites that pinpoint road side attractions along major highways but they won't allow you to plug in a route and then give suggestions if places to see along the way. You have to sift through the attractions by hwy or by state. If these sites improve dramatically their functionality the…