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A Chapter Can Be a Book

The last week has been one huge adventure in my life, yet at the same time quite dull. I have managed to move half way across the continent and fulfill one of my dreams of living in the Pacific Northwest, however, not without a few bumps in the road.

After a three day long excruciating drive from Springfield, MO to the Seattle area, Washington, I arrived at my new apartment to find my kitchen stove and refrigerator in my living room... After an hour or so the maintenance men did get that sorted out. Then there was the refilling toilet, and yet to be fixed dryer without an on knob. Despite the continuing hiccups in my new apartment I have however been able to explore about half a dozen parks in the area. All on the small side but all have their own unique perks to them.

Yesterday I found a "road side" park so to speak that had a tiny playground and a small swing set. The park in all was about 1/4 the size of a football field but was worth a park 40 times that! I went down and s…

The Big Move!

It finally did it! I have finally made one of my dreams come true! At this point it still seems after if it is just a dream. I look down the street and I see the Rocky Mountains and I drive less than five miles and I am at the Puget Sound! I can go hiking or biking any time I want and the side walk systems here are nothing like back in Missouri I can literally walk anywhere in town that I want! There are also incredible amounts of bike ways and routes, which makes getting across town a breeze on a bike.

I plan on making many many weekend hiking, biking, kayaking, etc trips all over the Pacific Northwest! I am so happy to be here and the weather currently couldn't be better! It hasn't rained once in the four days that I have been here!

The Pacific Northwest Trail, is on the top of my must do list and hopefully will be able to hike a bit of it before the summer ends.

These pictures are from Meadowdale Beach Park. Very Very beautiful! The trail is 1 1/4 miles down to th…