Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Big Move!

It finally did it! I have finally made one of my dreams come true! At this point it still seems after if it is just a dream. I look down the street and I see the Rocky Mountains and I drive less than five miles and I am at the Puget Sound! I can go hiking or biking any time I want and the side walk systems here are nothing like back in Missouri I can literally walk anywhere in town that I want! There are also incredible amounts of bike ways and routes, which makes getting across town a breeze on a bike.

I plan on making many many weekend hiking, biking, kayaking, etc trips all over the Pacific Northwest! I am so happy to be here and the weather currently couldn't be better! It hasn't rained once in the four days that I have been here!

The Pacific Northwest Trail, is on the top of my must do list and hopefully will be able to hike a bit of it before the summer ends.

These pictures are from Meadowdale Beach Park. Very Very beautiful! The trail is 1 1/4 miles down to the beach and it is an amazing little hike.