Saturday, June 21, 2014

A beauty missed an adventure gained

My friends came to town so we decided to go hiking, they had never hate to the mountains before. So I decided to take them to Snow Lake near Mount Baker. We started off pretty early in the morning and on the way he stopped and saw the Snoqualmie Falls on the way. Which for some reason I never seen before even though they were great falls and it was truly beautiful.
Then we stopped for breakfast at Tweetie Café. Which was a quaint little café  with an old style feel.

Eventually we made it to the trailhead for Snow Lake. After a misadventure in a washed out parking lot and off roading just to get back on the road to get to the right parking lot. As soon as we arrived we were immediately greeted by beautiful views of the mountains covered in snow and waterfalls from the snowmelt running off the side of the mountains. We started our hike and not even a quarter-mile into it we hit snow and not just a little snow several feet of snow that we had to hike over. It was snowy for the rest of the hike and it was beautifully sunny so it was blindingly bright. 
We ventured on over the slippery snow and got many rays of sun to say the least. I gained some wicked tan lines even with apply sun screen twice. The views were spectacular and even breathtaking. The trail was surprisingly busy despite the large amount of snow still covering the mountain and we saw many other hikers along the way. Eventually about 2.75 miles into the hike we had to stop because the trail had completely disappeared under the snow. But the end was still gorgeous and even got to see a tiny little lake even if we didn't just see the Snow Lake.
We even met some nice people who were willing to take a snapshot of us.
It was a beautiful hike even if we didn't get to complete it. I can't wait to hike it again in the summer to finish what we started!

My lesson that I learned on this hike is to wear sun glasses in sunny snowy hikes. Otherwise you'll burn your eyes!