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A little hip to the hop

Yesterday I set out for my run like normal with the distance of 6 miles in mind. As soon as I stepped outside I knew the weather was perfect for a 6 mile run, it was cloudy and cool with a slight breeze, perfect!

I started off my run a little slower than normal but then decided to keep up a nice slow steady pace. At mile 3 I decided I wanted to keep going and try for 8 miles, I felt really good and didn't want to stop. At about mile 4 I could see the weather was changing it looked like rain but that doesn't stop me and decided to make mile 5 my turnaround point making my total a 10 mile run. I just felt really good and didn't feel like stopping. Then by my 5 1/2 it was pouring. 
Yes, the heavens opened up and the rain came down, the last 5 miles I had to run in pouring rain. So this was my first wet run of the season. I kept pushing through and because it was pouring I fiddled with my phone to make sure that it wouldn't get drenched but by doing so I lost track of my aud…

Love in it's purest form

How do you plan on living your life? How do you plan on getting to your goal? My goal is to live as long as my grandpa but more importantly, live life like my grandpa. This weekend he turned 91 years young! Happy Birthday Grandpa! For me I hope to be like my grandpa by living in the moment, loving and forgiving, remembering to give more than I receive, to be humble and selfless, and staying as healthy as I can. 

(Out to breakfast, his favorite is my favorite! Biscuits and gravy!)
My grandpa never slows down, he is constantly moving and he is by far the hardest person to get ahold of! He is never home! He is always going out and about, spending time with friends and family, going to community activities and church functions, taking care of his home (including a dozen chickens, a dog and a horse), and helping others.

(Grandpa feeding the horse, yes that's the hay in mid air as he tossed it! Go Grandpa!)
My grandpa has one of the biggest hearts of any person I have ever met. He is always…

Workout Selfies

Running, running, running! So I love to run but it can be extremely hard to keep up with on my schedule. Working 12 hr shifts and then graveyard shifts! But one of the ways I keep motivated is by taking silly photos of myself and sending them to my friends for them to encourage me to keep going! 
These are from this week. 
After a 6.5 miler. I thought my running sweat looked like a waterfall. 
After a really hard 5k run. 
After a 5k run on very little sleep! Showing my exhaustion here.
These are a couple older photos but ones that I still find funny. 

Just one of the ways that I like to keep running interesting and fun! What ways do you find to keep thing different?

Kendall Katwalk, Cascades, WA

If you like hiking then you'll love Kendall Katwalk, it's an 11 miles round trip with a 2600 ft elevation gain. Sounds hard but it's one of the easier hikes that I have done here in Washington. There are wild flowers, wild Alpine Blueberries, only about a mile of rocky hiking but easy small rocks with an even trail, a couple open meadows, old growth trees, creeks and even a lake if you are in shape! 
(What the rocky section looks like)
The the jewel of this hike are the mountain views. You get to enjoy the mountain views about 50% of the time. 
(One if the views on the way to the top)
Once you reach the top, your breath will be lost from the sheer beauty of the mountains and valleys, not from the hike itself! Once you reach the Katwalk it's a good place to rest and soak up the views. You can continue on to a lake about another mile ahead or turn around, the Katwalk is the 5.5 mile turn around point. To go on you may camp down at the lake. 
Sadly the photos do not do it just…