Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A little hip to the hop

Yesterday I set out for my run like normal with the distance of 6 miles in mind. As soon as I stepped outside I knew the weather was perfect for a 6 mile run, it was cloudy and cool with a slight breeze, perfect!

I started off my run a little slower than normal but then decided to keep up a nice slow steady pace. At mile 3 I decided I wanted to keep going and try for 8 miles, I felt really good and didn't want to stop. At about mile 4 I could see the weather was changing it looked like rain but that doesn't stop me and decided to make mile 5 my turnaround point making my total a 10 mile run. I just felt really good and didn't feel like stopping. Then by my 5 1/2 it was pouring. 

Yes, the heavens opened up and the rain came down, the last 5 miles I had to run in pouring rain. So this was my first wet run of the season. I kept pushing through and because it was pouring I fiddled with my phone to make sure that it wouldn't get drenched but by doing so I lost track of my audio distance but that was okay because I knew where I was and how far it was back. 

When I was pushing up my last hill to get to my apartment complex I did manage to hear my phone say mile 11 and I was perplexed because I thought I had turned around at mile 5 and it turns out I turned around at mile 5.5. Making my total run 11 miles. So I guess my 6 mile run ended up being completely awesome except for the rain part. But I felt really good and it was a lot of fun is probably one of the best run I've had in 2 years!

Those kind of runs are the reason why I like running in the first place, when you can listen to some good music, get some good fresh air and just enjoy it. 

And as it turns out it was one of the fastest runs I have ever completed with my average pace being 10:27 per mile! As it turns out the last few miles I just want to get out of the rain and it pushed me to run a lot faster! 

In a week and a half I have a half marathon coming up it is the Biggest Loser Half marathon in Everett. I was really worried about my running progress because I hadn't run more than 7 miles this year but then I just went out there and did this! Now I'm not worried at all and I know while a crush that half marathon!

Don't give up! Keep on running!