Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kendall Katwalk, Cascades, WA

If you like hiking then you'll love Kendall Katwalk, it's an 11 miles round trip with a 2600 ft elevation gain. Sounds hard but it's one of the easier hikes that I have done here in Washington. There are wild flowers, wild Alpine Blueberries, only about a mile of rocky hiking but easy small rocks with an even trail, a couple open meadows, old growth trees, creeks and even a lake if you are in shape! 

(What the rocky section looks like)

The the jewel of this hike are the mountain views. You get to enjoy the mountain views about 50% of the time. 

(One if the views on the way to the top)

Once you reach the top, your breath will be lost from the sheer beauty of the mountains and valleys, not from the hike itself! Once you reach the Katwalk it's a good place to rest and soak up the views. You can continue on to a lake about another mile ahead or turn around, the Katwalk is the 5.5 mile turn around point. To go on you may camp down at the lake. 

Sadly the photos do not do it justice, but hopefully it inspires you to take the venture for yourself!

(The Katwalk)

(One of the views from the top) 

The hike is worth every step! The first half is shaded well and is dirt and pine needles, be prepared to wear layers that you can easily take off once you reach the sunny half of the hike :) 

Be safe, have fun and adventure on!