Thursday, October 30, 2014

3 x 30 day workout #2!

So today because I couldn't find another weight program online by Jillian Michaels I used a DVD program that I already had by Bob Harper, Inside Out Method, Body Rev Cardio Conditioning workout 2. It worked on balance, upper body and lower body strengthening. It is quite a workout for 30 minutes! I am definitely going to be sore tomorrow!
The main reason why this 3 x 30 challenge is such a challenge is because of time management! With only about 2 hours of "free" time from waking up to getting ready to leave for work, there isn't a whole lot of workout time allowed. This challenge also is wonderful because of the next couple of week I will be doing about 40 hours extra overtime at work to help out but not only that, it's overtime on day shift! So I will have to flip flop my schedule like crazy. Wonderful because it'll help me stay in workout mode through this craziness at work. Keep me going and not just stop because of a weird schedule. Speaking of work, I'm about to be late! 

Keep on Running!