Wednesday, October 22, 2014

For the love of food!

Recently, as also seen on here, I have been cooking a lot more than I usually do. I have always known how to cook thanks to my mom and other women in our family. We have always cooked home meals. I spent many hours watching my mom cook growing up. One of my favorite pass times was sitting in front of the oven watching the cookies bake, I mean who wouldn't love that?!
There are a couple of problems with the way I learned how to cook/bake and that is... I learned home cookin' ya'll! As in, nothing is healthy, even the famed 7 layer salad that I love so much has a TON of mayo in it. The second being that I love love love to bake and I love love love to eat my baking. This is not so good for the cellulite reduction that I have been working so hard on!
However, that being said I did take to the kitchen yesterday and plan to again this evening.
This is split pea and ham soup, which turned out perfect! It was so delicious I almost forgotten how good soup can be. Recipe here.
Then I proceeded to make chocolate chip banana bread for dessert, not healthy I know and I need to work on that. This recipe tasted amazing however the temp and time were way off on the recipe (to make banana bread, for muffins I'm sure it would have been perfect.) It was suggested for 25 minutes at 350 degrees and I could see plainly at 25 minutes that it wasn't even close to being done. I left in for another 20 minutes and it still wasn't quite right because the temp was too high. I'd like to try this recipe again but setting the temp at 325 for 70 minutes. I think it'd be perfect then. Recipe here.
This week I also tried a new popcorn, one of my favorite snacks. Usually I make air-pop popcorn at home but this week I wanted to have popcorn at work. I tried Orville Redenbacher's Salted Caramel instant popcorn. First off I'd like to say it's a good popcorn, pops well and it is very easy to make and has very little un-popped kernels. That being said, this popcorn tastes nothing like salted caramel at all. It doesn't taste bad per say but not as advertised. It also is one of the greasiest popcorns I have had outside the movie theater and for that reason I will not be buying this again. I felt greasy the whole night after eating that, even after washing my hands a couple of times.
I am planning on making Carrot ginger soup this evening. It is suppose to be pretty healthy, which I am excited about. (Yes, I also realize that I am a ginger making carrot ginger soup is highly ironic.)
Lately I have noticed that I have been drawn to one website over and over again to find the recipes that I am looking for, Skinny Taste. So far all of the recipes that I have used have been a hit! It looks like this could be my new favorite recipe go to. I highly recommend it.
What are your favorite healthy recipes?
Trying to stay on the healthy side of home cooking.
Keep on Running!