Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gym visit to burn of the Halloween dinner!

So today instead of going for a run I just had to go to the gym to cross train. 
My friend Tricia is really big into cycling classes so I decided to try cycling once again today on my own. It went alright but dang! I have no idea how she does it for an hour! 
I made it out alive but I could only make it for 30 minutes! So I took an after photo to prove that I survived! After a short stretch session I went on to my gym usual, the stairmaster.
I started using the stairmaster a couple of years ago when I was invited to do The Big Climb Seattle, a 69 flight stair climb at the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle. And to train I did the stairmaster a impossible amount to get ready for the climb. I have a love-hate relationship with the stair master. I love it because of how amazing of a work out it is and I hate it because it can make my legs cramp up really easily. So today instead of just doing a short stretch session afterwards I stretched for at least 20 minutes before heading out of the gym.
When I was stretching I noticed that the gym mat I was using was getting a little wet… This might be why.
(Love my Happe Seat! Keeps my car from smelling like the gym! Super easy to use and has a rubber backing to keep it from slipping around!) 
After the gym I went back to Anthony's house and did some gardening, I got the garden all prepared for fall. That was another hour of working so I was pretty tired by the end. 
I wasn't ready to stop the fun so I decided to make Anthony a Halloween surprise dinner! (Dinner may have been one of the reasons why work so hard at the gym.)
So a lot of people do things inspired by Pinterest and I do too! Tonight's dinner was so inspired by food that I saw on Pinterest. First off I made mummy hotdogs!
For dessert I decided to make chocolate pudding with Cool Whip middle and Oreo crumbles on top with gummy worms coming out of them! A classic that never gets old.
There is a trend on Pinterest called "nailed it!" I feel like I don't belong in that category for tonight's dinner. I think I really did nail them! It was a lot of fun to make and to see Anthony's reaction was priceless.
Keep on Running!