Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How I love to cross train!

There are several ways that I cross train but my most regular "go to" are Bob Harper's workout videos. Don't be fooled by the fact he is a Biggest Loser trainer, that only makes his videos harder! I started off with his Biggest Loser videos several years ago but now I use his advanced videos. These are the DVDs that I currently own. They are very affordable, none over $10 and these are all $5.99 each. However, Bob is so awesome that he also has his DVDs on YouTube! I have just listed the previews on here but if you go to YouTube and type in the name of the video or even just Bob Harper all of his videos pop right up.
Your legs are sure going to feel it after this one, do those squats!
You are going to be out of breathe the Whole time!
I did this one last week and could hardly walk for three days!
My favorite yoga DVD!
Last night I did the Pure Burn Super Strength video off of YouTube (I just didn't have the DVD with me but that's no longer an excuse!), it is a crazy good upper body workout with a good combination of cardio as well. That's why I love his videos so much! He is always doing a total body workout and never "just" upper body or cardio, etc. He does it all at once with a heavy emphasis on certain areas.
I have done all of these workouts and love every one of them. He always has modifications if you are a beginner and I'll admit I still use certain ones and that's ok. I am still going and becoming stronger with every passing day.
If you are just starting out I'd suggest the Biggest Loser workout DVDs, they have added several more DVDs sense I last used them are there are more instructors than just Bob. They are wonderful DVDs and will still kick you butt!
The equipment that he uses: light dumb bells (usually not over 10lbs, I use anywhere from 3-10), yoga mat, towel, water and in his new videos a kettle bell. So nothing too advanced, and if you are just starting out, you might not even need weights! A lot of his modifications suggest not using them to start off with.
I hope you give these DVDs a chance and good luck!
Keep on Running!