Thursday, October 2, 2014

"You know you are a runner if..." Confessions of a runner

I noticed something strange the last few times I bought myself gifts... they all have a strange theme to them. . . then today when I was getting ready for work I chuckled to myself thinking, "Yep, I'm a runner!" So I decided to make today's blurb about my apartment and it's tells that I am a runner. Let's see if you agree.

When you walk into my apartment I have a shoe rack to take off your shoes right away. On this rack I have four pairs of running shoes that I rotate through, not that unusual I suppose.
But then you look up on the wall across from the shoe rack and you are greeted with this:
Now, I can see where this might give the "I'm a runner!" vibe. I mean a whole board of race bibs and medals can't be that weird. On the the next section of my apartment, the dining room. You look to your right and BOOM! There is a bike and two more boards full of running memorabilia!
Ok ok enough with the running bibs and encouragement clippings! On to the living room/kitchen! You turn left fro the dining room and on the end table in the living room you see this:
A travel roller, two foot massagers, an armband, and workout DVDs. Now I think there is getting to be a problem here, it's in the living room too! But then catty corner to the coffee table under the kitchen counter you find this!
A yoga mat and free weights! Discreetly hidden under the counter behind the trash can... now it just looks like I am trying to hide it. My apartment isn't that big, so the running surprises must almost be over, right? WRONG! When you enter my bedroom I have a shelf on this shelf is this:
A hydration belt, another armband with headphones, headband, two pairs of sunglasses, a gym bag fully decked out to go to the gym at a moments notice, sunglasses replacement parts, HR monitor and band, jump rope, resistant band, to the right of the shelf is another yoga mat, yoga blocks and a foam roller!!! Not to mention the books on the shelf are all about running, triathlons and swimming.

Phew! Made it past that! Now here is a BIG part of what all runners go through. Too man clothes! You know you are a runner if you have so many running clothes that you have to stack them up in piles because otherwise they won't fit on your bed!
Then there is the closet, you know you are a runner if... your running clothes are segregated in your closet and grouped by weather conditions so you don't have to search you can just grab and go.
Last but not least the bathroom! Only one tell in here. The bath salts! Economy size bought at Costco of course! It comes with two bags this big but I've already gone through the first bag!
I feel much better getting that off my chest! But I love it, I am just glad that I can share my passion with all of you. What are your running confessions? Shoes hidden at work? (I have a foam roller at work too!) Always researching the newest tech? I'd love to hear about your running secrets!

Keep on running!

(ps. this may or may not be my calendar, only 3 races written on it for Oct!)
(Pss: You know you're a runner if... Your grocery cart looks like a garden!)
(Pps: this is why I'm a complete runner! I want this for Christmas! Lol)