Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lightening Flash Trip

As you may or may not know I am from the Midwest and I recently made a very quick trip back to the "homeland" to visit my family. By quick trip I mean almost crazy quick! I left Sunday morning after getting off work at 6:00am and arrived at my final destination Clever, MO at 8:04pm! A long day after completing a 12 hour shift at work, but I made it! Then Headed back Wednesday evening for my turnaround.
I booked last minute so I didn't get the best deal on the airfare like I usually do but I still researched all the flights the best that I could before my flight. I flew Frontier and the only thing that I have against Frontier is that you have to pay for everything! From the soda and chips to even your carry on! So let's say you pay $300 for the round trip flight, but then there is the $20 baggage fee both ways, then if you don't want to be in the back with no leg room another $40 additional both ways. So that up to $520 already! No soda, no chips or whatever you might like on your flight that is usually free. So really if you want a good quality flight with free soda or carry on I'd choose one of the other major airlines if at possible. I was just in a bind with this trip and didn't have much of a choice. 
I used Budget Rental again for this trip. I have used them before and each time that I have used them they have been by far the cheapest car rental agency in the area. I always receive wonderful service and extra clean cars. I couldn't be happier with them. This time I was able to putter around in a Kia Soul, which turns out is a very cute car! 
Once I arrived in Clever I had a very nice visit with my Aunts, Uncles and Grandpa before finally crashing at around 11:00pm! Talk about a long day, that's only a 31 hours and it was so worth it. 
The next morning I met up with my best friend Tiffany, she and I took my grandpa out to Breakfast and then to the Bass Pro Headquarters in Springfield, MO. My grandpa may be 91 years old but he sure can be hard to keep up with! 
The next day I took my brothers and his kids, my grandpa and Tiffany out for a picnic and we had so much fun! There were Charades, Red Light Green Light, Tag, jungle gym and lot of laughs! Not to mention yummy picnic food! 
That evening Tiffany and I went out on the town. We had some good food and stories with my friend Lori, (also a member of the race world) and I learned how to play shuffle board, which is by far the funnest bar game I have every played! 
Before heading out of town on my 7:15pm flight from Branson I took my grandpa out to lunch. We had some BBQ (because there is no true southern BBQ in Seattle it seems) and then he wanted to go shopping. I took him to Nixa Hardware and to Tractor Supply, Co. before I had to take him home for me to make my flight in time. Again he is so hard to keep up with!
My return flights were just fine, no delays but the flight into Seattle had the most turbulence that I have ever had on a flight before! I almost lost my dinner on that one and I have flown lots and lots! I was actually a little surprised at the flight. There wasn't any major weather or anything that we flew through either. But I'm not a pilot, I'm sure they did the best that they could. 
I again caution flying with Frontier because of their fees on everything! I didn't have much of a choice on this trip but on future adventures I will not be using them again unless they drastically change their fee policies. 
Let me know who you like to travel with, where you like to go and where do you want to go??? 

Happy Travels!