Sunday, October 19, 2014

Making my dreams come true

My friend Tricia and I have been working out new ways for fitness motivation such as challenging one another and even contemplating starting a fitness origination or company of some kind. 
Which is exciting and terrifying at the same time. I want to get into the health and fitness industry and I have been thinking of different ways for a while now. I've been thinking of all sorts of things from going back to school for sports nutrition to opening a running store. As a safe idea I would open a running store that can support a running series. 

However, a running series that takes place all across the country and eventually can expand around the world like the Rock N Roll series would be a dream come true! But in order for a series to get that big the theme would have to be to die for. I have a pretty good idea for a theme that can easily go across America but I can't see it getting as nearly as big as the Rock N Roll series. I need a much better idea for that! 

What are your ideas? What would be your dream race? What would draw you across the country?

Today was the first day of my true logging. It wasn't a good food day but I still logged everything, right down to my multi vitamin chews! 
Even though I ate poorly today but I'm glad that I still logged everything and didn't let my guilt talk me out of not logging what I ate! Keep on logging! Keep those holiday pounds at bay!

Keep on running!