Monday, October 27, 2014

New running shoes!

Today I finally got the new running shoes that I ordered three weeks ago! Sketchers GoMeb Mstrike, size 8.5z. I have used Sketchers GoRun Bionic for two years now but they are too loose in the front part of my foot now that I've lost 25lbs. (YaY me!) so I chose to change things up with a much more narrow shoe. 
I tested them out tonight, I did about three miles in them. I was able to tell that the mid foot was a little bit tight and my abkles were slipping a bit. So I simply looked up ways to tie my shoes that would solve these tiny problems. The blog Katierunsthis ( was my solution! 
I put together a lace combo that will hopefully work out, I used the loose heel and wide foot lace up ideas. 
I will be testing these out in the morning! 
For a runner, new running shoes are better than diamonds! So important and love able! 
Keep on Running!