Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rivalry Clash Huskies vs Cougars 5k/10k

On Sunday, Anthony, Tricia and I ran in the Rivalry Clash Huskies vs Cougars 5k/10k at Marymoore Park in Redmond, WA. 
To get ready for the race I first laid out my outfit (because it's important to look better than those cougars!) And then I painted my nails very festive purple and gold theme, as shown below.
Now I have noticed this new trend in the running world that people actually take photos of their race day outfits. So after thinking this is a little odd for a few months seeing people post and post and post their outfits I decided to give it a go this time. And this is what I came up with.
Now one important factor for me about the races that I am able to do, is that they usually take place after I get off my 12 our shift at work. So I usually change at work and then head straight to the race, which thankfully, this time was right near my home so I didn't have to go too far out of my way and I didn't have to hurry to get there on time. But this also means that the races are usually a lot harder for me because I'm already exhausted from my work week. However, I don't let that stop me!
The team Purple Puppies met up before the race to go and pick up our race packets early because it seemed like the race wasn't going to be very well organized. It turns out we were right… but that didn't stop us from having a lot of fun. Thankfully we missed the huge line of people who ended up picking up their packets same day and were able to just hang out and have fun before the race. So of course that means we took some silly photos!
Then we were off to the races! Huskies versus Cougars, and guess what?! It turns out that the Huskies won both the 5K and 10K! The race was determined by points allotted for each person who crossed the line by their finish time. The first 20 people from both sides were added up and whoever had the least amount of points a.k.a. the fastest times were the winners!
The race course for the 10K went through Marymoore park and then up the Sammamish River Trail for about another 2 miles then it Double backed to the park, it made another loop in the park and then back to the finish line. The course itself is very flat and easy to run but really narrow because it's just on the trail and it was hard to pass people or for other people to pass you. For a race this size it wasn't too bad. The only other complaint I had for the race was the fact that there was no water or aid stations on the course at all for a 10K, and to go without water for 6.2 miles, that's a long time! 
During the race I was highly impressed with Anthony's performance because it was his first 10K and we didn't have to stop once to walk! We kept up a decent pace an average of 9:44 per mile and even passed Tricia before we finished! (the 5K started after the 10K and that's how we were able to catch up with her.) it was still pretty exciting to be able see her on the race course!
Because we past her we were able to greet her when she crossed the finish line!
I absolutely love cheering people on at the finish line, it's so much fun! And it makes the race seem so much more worth it.
After we hydrated we headed in to the beer tent which I was particularly excited about because I have never been in one of the beer tents at the end of the race, for some reason I've always just skipped it and headed home. But not this time!
This photo ended up being used by the race officials to announce the timing results of the race! Which is pretty exciting!
The last group photo of the Purple Puppies, we had a wonderful time and plenty of beer. (a.k.a. Tricia and I both gave ours away! We just wanted it for the photos LOL!) 
On a huge plus side we also could not have asked for more beautiful day, it was sunny and cool to start out with which is always nice when you're running. 

In the end I believe the race officials learned a lot this year and I think next year the race will be a "Do not miss!"

What are some of your favorite races? Do you have any crazy mishap stories from your races? What is a silly tradition you like to do during or before race? Do you have a secret stash of medals somewhere? I would love to hear your stories.
Stay tuned for more running adventures in racing recaps. 

 Here is another review by my friend Tricia. 

Keep on running!