Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Run Baby Run!

Yesterday Anthony and I had planned on running together after he got off work but a little while before he got off work he text me saying he was tired. So I decided to cheer him up with some running encouragement photos.

My photo experiment worked, I had  used the new iPhone timer in the Camera and it worked great. The more importantly it made Anthony laugh. After he got off work I made him dinner and we watched an episode of The Walking Dead and then we decided to go for a run. 

Right off the bat the run didn't start well because I ate too much! We got to the bottom of the hill and had to walk. Food babies food! 

During the run we both struggled with the over eating and then running. But in the end we still had a good run and I'm glad we got to go together. Just a short 3 mile run but better then no miles!

Sometimes it's really hard to overcome being tired and getting out and running but sometimes it's worth it. When Anthony and I run together it is some of the best times we have, even if it's still a relatively new development it's still a lot of fun. I hope that we continue to keep it up together. 

After this run we officially decided to have dinner after our runs and to run before eating. Especially with winter coming in the days getting shorter it'll be better for us to get out there and run in the daylight then after the sunsets. Lessons learned but still a lot of fun!

Keep on running!