Thursday, October 16, 2014

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

It's that time of year again, costumes are being sold by the dozens, kids are screaming about who they want to be, parents are trying not to go crazy, college girls are trying to figure out how they can be even sluttier and then you have people like me. 
Growing up Halloween for my family was never considered a "holiday". I was never allowed to go trick or treating or celebrate with my friends for religious purposes. I was able to go to a couple of Halloween/Fall festivals put on by the churches we attended growing up but only once do I remember us dressing up for a church event, we went as hill billy farmers. 
In the sixth grade there was a Halloween D.A.R.E. dance that my class was invited to, I knew my mom would say no, so I lied and said that I was going over to a friends house to work on a project for school. My "boyfriend's" parents picked me up and I was in jeans and the only "costume" thing I had, a tie die shirt... I went at a really bad hippie! The night ended up being terrible anyway, it turned out my "boyfriend" liked a girl named Brianna... ruined everything for me! Ah sixth grade love...
I didn't do anything for Halloween until I was in college, and it's not what you are thinking! My friend was having her senior recital and she asked me to help out, I of course said yes. It was on Halloween so it was a themed recital with a costume contest at the end. I dressed up as a pink fairy and handed out the play bills however, I didn't enter in the costume contest but it was still a lot of fun to dress up for once. My first real costume! 
That has been my last venture in the world of Halloween. I did however, go to the Emerald City Comic Con this last year and I was able to dress up for that! I didn't go as anyone specific, I just picked a costume that I loved and went with it! The event photographer even asked me to pose for him!
Now back to Halloween, this year I am very excited to say that I am dressing up for Halloween! I was able to volunteer for work to dress up and hand out candy and this is something that I have never really done before. I have given out candy twice and only once did anyone actually stop by and I sure wasn't dressed up for it.
My work partner and I decided, after some debate that we will be going as Good Witch Bad Witch. I am going as the Good Witch, here is a sneak peak of my costume.

I am very excited to be able to hand out candy this year and the fact that I will be in an awesome costume only makes it even more exciting! Maybe this will be the year that I will have an awesome Halloween!
 Happy Halloween!