Friday, October 3, 2014

The art of dressing up, for races that is!

I have a secret... I love... dressing up for races! Ok, maybe it isn't a secret but it's something I love to do! 
This was my very first 10k, a group of us got together and made matching shirts! The girl on the right, all decked out, even won the costume contest!
This was a 5k race for an animal shelter and we went as bunnies! It was Easter weekend, the race wasn't themed but we dressed up anyway. 
This was a 10k night race, we had glow everything! I had hair extensions that light up and even LED shoe laces!
This race was a 12k Christmas race, I went all out for this one, enough said!
This one was a Color Run 5k, so I made sure to have white pants and we made our own shirts again, white of course.
This race is the most recent, Huskies vs Cougars. I wanted to do it right and I even ordered a huskies jersey. Purple finger nails and eye shadows included!
Dressing up is definitely a way to keep races interesting and is such a great way to bond with friends. There is a thrill of seeing who can be the most creative and it's also a great support system on race day knowing you are all together and its a great motivator when you are out there on the course! 

Do you enjoy dressing up for races? Share your photos! 

Keep on Running!