Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What a day! Onions and Pumpkins!

What a day! It started off by me going to the store to to pick up the ingredients for French onion soup, which I have never made before so this was a whole new experience for me! Including a new ingredient that I've never used before either, rainbow chard. The recipe itself is pretty easy to make but it takes quite a while to make, it says on the recipe it takes two hours, it took me about 2 1/2 hours. 
The first step is to get eight onions, then peel and slice them up.  (After making this recipe, I'd first recommend wearing swim goggles, sounds silly but it'll save your eyes! And then when slicing the onion use a thin slice, nothing wider than half an inch, and break them all apart Before putting them in the frying pan, it'll help the caramelizing process.)
Then put them in frying pan and caramelize them. 
Once that is done you simply add The roughly chopped chard and ssome spices, let sit for a few more minutes. 
Then in a huge pot add all of the onions chard vegetable broth wine and let simmer for 20 minutes. 
And when it is simmering simply grade up your cheese and sliced up and toast the baguette. 
Once the soup is done simmering ladle it into your oven safe cups, add the baguette slices and cheese. 
Then put it in the oven on broil for two minutes or just long enough for the meat cheese to melt. 
Take it out and voilĂ ! you have French onion soup!
I will have to say this is the first time I've tried something new that I absolutely loved! The soup turned out amazing! However, it is a lot of onion so if you're not an onion crazy person then this is not the recipe for you. Even though it sweetens up quite a bit when you caramelize the onions. But if you do you like onions I highly recommend this recipe!
After dinner Anyhony and I relaxed for a little while and then decided to carve some pumpkins! It is Halloween week after all. This is the first time I have carve pumpkins since I was in high school art club. So it has been probably 10 years since I have carved a pumpkin. Anthony went very traditional with his pumpkin and I decided to do one of my favorite little creatures, an owl! 

Anthony, poised and ready to carve!

My finished project!
Unfortunately, I am by no means artistic and had to freestyle the owl on a pumpkin! I couldn't do this on paper if I tried! But I winged it anyway, I think it turned out alright what do you think?
Place on the front step, ready to go!

My little owl!

Anthony's traditional jack-o-lantern!

My day started off pooey with not being able to sleep because my back hurt but turned into a great day of new adventures and a lot of fun! I am so glad that I decided to try a new recipe and that I decided randomly to carve pumpkins this year.
I never really carved pumpkins growing up. I remember painting them one year but that's it other than the one year I carved pumpkins with my art club. So this was something a little different for me. I really enjoyed it! Made me miss my little sister though! I know she would have loved carving pumpkins and trying a new yummy recipe.
Did you carve pumpkins this year? Have you cooked something new recently? I'd love to hear about it!