Friday, October 10, 2014

What does your race calendar look like?

When can I fit in my next race?! Hmm... That day already has a race, and that day, and that day... Oh there is a free day!  But wait, there isn't anything more than a 5k that day within 50 miles, bummer!

Does this sound familiar at all? This is me for sure! I have to try and not let myself get caught up in all the race hype and not over schedule myself. This month I personally have 3 races scheduled. One I have already completed, the Huskies vs Cougars 10k, and I have 2 half marathons this month! The Biggest Loser Half and the Snohomosh River Run
Half Marathon/5K/10K/15K: The Biggest Loser RunWalk Race SeriesSnohomish River Run
Normally I try not to run more than 2 races a month, for my sanity and my wallet's sake. Races aren't cheap these days! But that's a different conversation.

In November I have 2 races already planned Get Your Rear in Gear 5k and the Green Lake Gobble 10k, I'm particularly excited for the mashed potato munch off at the Gobble! But I'm currently flip flopping on whether or not to run the Seattle Half at the end of Nov. I've run it before and I'd love the chance to improve my time. It's also one of the last half marathons over the next few months. 
Colon Cancer Coalition
In December I, so far, only have the 12Ks of Christmas 12k planned. December looks like an easy month! That doesn't mean that the last chance marathons aren't taunting me to sign up.
These are just a few things on my race calendar for the rest of the year. 

Next year I plan on being super picky, I am already planning on running the Crown of the Sound which is a 6 race series over the course of the year and the Quadzuki race series of 4 half marathons in four days! 

Something I would like to do next year is a triathlon, it is something that I just have not been able to get out there and do yet, but it is on my bucket list!

What are your race goals? What does your calendar look like? 

Keep on Running!