Friday, October 24, 2014

World of virtual racing!

So for a couple years I have slowly watched the world of virtual racing grow and grow. If you don't know what a virtual race is, it's simple. The race host puts up a website that you go to and sign up, you pay a nominal fee, then run said distance you signed up for, record your time, post you time on the website and see your standings. These races can range from getting a free printable bib to the much more eccentric races, like the ones I am about to tell you about.

So despite my doubts and wonder of how this could be enjoyable, so I decided to give it a try anyway!

I am signed up for two virtual races! Don't ask me how that happened because I am not exactly sure... So I started looking into a virtual race company that one of my mega marathoner friends posts about every once in a while on Facebook. I thought "If he likes this stuff and he travels the world to run, then maybe I will!" So I looked into it and signed up for the US Road Running's Halloween Half Marathon. Because this was my first virtual race sign up I decided to go for the whole kit and caboodle. At the cost of $24.99 you'll receive a 3.5 inch medal, bib and US Road Running Tech Shirt, I figured it couldn't hurt. After taxes it was $27 and by far the cheapest half marathon I have ever signed up for!

I had to take an up close photo of the medal because it is HUGE! And a very nice one too. I am pleasantly surprised by this. I didn't realize that the shirt would be a general US Road Running shirt, but that's ok. That's why they offer two entry levels, one with the shirt and one without. So if I decide to do this again I'll just be able to do the cheap entry of $16.99 and get a bib and medal.
The second virtual race that I am signed up for is through a local race series and they are doing their virtual race a little differently, I like it a little better actually. It's through the Mud & Chocolate trail races. You sign up, run, post your time and THEN they send you your race goodies. I signed up for this race because I wanted to do the actual race but it was sold out. Which is a bummer, however, this year they are offering a virtual race, this is the first year they are trying this out and it seems like they have a good idea! 
Ok, you may have figured it out... There is a lot of chocolate involved! Who doesn't like that! This race however, was not $27 it was $40. But their website and offerings are much greater. The Mud & Chocolate run it's also suggested that you run the 13.1 miles throughout the week. So you don't have to do it all at once, which is really neat. 
Now that I have introduced you to virtual racing, will you try it? Join me for some delicious chocolate in the Mud & Chocolate virtual race? Sounds like a yummy plan to me!
On a side note, I am trying to get into the Half Fanatics (half marathon running club) and virtual races do not count. I am ok with that and I get it. But bummer! Hopefully Sunday's run goes well and I get a happy finish! Then I will be able to submit my Biggest Loser Half and the Snohomish River Run results for entry!  

Keep on Running!