Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bum leg... forced my to take a time out

This week is definitely not going as planned. Sunday after my volunteering was completed I was so tired I could hardly stand so I decided to take a rest day instead. Then Monday evening right after getting off work I suffered a severe leg cramp, which was crippling. Yesterday I was took a rest day because I was limping through the day :( 
This was my week's plan...
Workout guideline:
Sunday - 6 miles
Monday - 30 Strength
Tuesday - 13.1 Mud and Chocolate Virtual Run
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 30 Strength and 3 Miles
Friday - 6 Miles 
Saturday - 30 Strength and 3 miles
Total Miles = 31.1
Total Strength = 3 x 30 
My first cold run of the year!
I am so sad that I was unable to run my Virtual run all at once. I was able to get out and complete a 6.3 mile run today. Tomorrow I will be doing almost a 7 mile run to get in my full half before the 15th. I'm am so disappointed but I am also so glad they are letting us break up the run to fit into our personal schedules. 
My favorite trail, Mt. Rainier dead ahead!
As of right now I am 13.1 miles behind for this week! But that's ok, I am going to try my best to run every day through Saturday and get my 3 x 30 done at work to make up for lost time. I know it'll only be about 24 miles this week but that is still really good. My hope was to average around 30 through the end of the year but I can't run injured, it'd only make things worse. 
Wednesday - 6.3 miles - 30 Strength
Thursday - 7 Miles - 30 Strength
Friday - 6 Miles 
Saturday - 6 Miles - 30 Strength
Such a wonderful day to run!
I sure hope that my leg feels better by tomorrow. I can get through the runs but it just is a lot harder. My whole purpose of sharing and keeping up such intense workouts is so that I stay on track and don't fall off the wagon during the holiday season. 
Running selfie time!
My weight loss goal to lose a few lbs by the end of November is on track thus far. I am now about 2 lbs away from my 135 lb goal. I already feel much more confident and happier being in the 130s again. It has been so long! 
This week I was able to put 5 pairs of jeans and just as many shorts in my donation bag. Such a great feeling! I personally don't keep baggy clothes around, why? So I don't feel I can just gain a few lbs and it's ok. I get rid of them so I don't have clothes to wear if I do gain weight! It's a very good checks and balances system. No one wants to spend money on clothes because your others are too snug. Plus it feels so good to donate clothes, I grew up wearing hand me downs, if there wasn't someone to give me clothes I wouldn't have had a whole lot to cover up with! 
Donate if you can! Salvation Army is my favorite charity for donations. 
Keep on Running!