Saturday, November 8, 2014

Did someone say chocolate?

I am about to start my second week of complete craziness with my work schedule. To help get me through it I am calling on all ya'll to help! I don't want to give in and just work the whole week without working out. I want to hunker down and get some great workouts in! Now sticking to my schedule might prove impossible like this last week but I did manage to stick with most of it. Planning it out and sharing it with you really helped me stick to my guns and get out there and do the work! 
Here is this week's workout guideline:
Sunday - 6 miles
Monday - 30 Strength
Tuesday - 13.1 Mud and Chocolate Virtual Run
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 30 Strength and 3 Miles
Friday - 6 Miles 
Saturday - 30 Strength and 3 miles
Total Miles = 31.1
Total Strength = 3 x 30 
I am striving to reach an average of 30-35 miles a weak through the end of the year. And in order to complete this task I feel planning out all my runs will only help me reach my goal.

Tomorrow my friend Shannon and I will be volunteering at the Mud & Chocolate half marathon handing out medals and chocolate! How awesome is that!? I can't wait, I have always wanted to hand out medals at a race and there is chocolate!? So hopefully I won't go crazy and eats tons of chocolate tomorrow. I hope to have many wonderful photos to share with you. 
This week, on Tuesday, I am planning on running my 13.1 miles for the Mud & Chocolate virtual half marathon. I wasn't able to register for the live race so I chose to do the virtual and I am not missing out on the live race because I'm helping out. So it's a win win! So far the weather for Tuesday is looking amazing!
I sure hope it holds up! I am planning on taking my time on the run and just enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Seems like I haven't really been able to get out much this year and just enjoy it. Always in a rush! Nice to just slow down every once in a while.