Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fat and Lazy

This week has been a huge test and I feel like I failed. Miserably. On Monday evening I suffered from a severe leg cramp which I decided to rest from for a couple of days because my leg really hurt. On Wednesday I decided to go and complete the first half of my virtual half marathon and then Thursday I completed it but that night I was tossing and turning all night because my leg hurts so bad. So yesterday I took the day off and today I took the day off because it still hurts when I go up and down stairs so I'm hoping by tomorrow my leg will be fully healed. 

Then tonight we had a really really bad night at work so I stress ate about six handfuls of chips and one slice of pizza which is really really bad, thankfully it's something I don't normally do but I can also say tonight at work was a very abnormal night and it's not usually this stressful. 

I'm also on the second week of my flipping back and fourth between day shift and night shift which has put me in a completely an energy, mentally drained state where I can barely function yet alone get out and run or do my strength workouts. So I feel like my giving in today was just a collation of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. I know that this coming week I'll get right back on track I don't have any flip-flopping back-and-forth for work and I will be able to stick on my diet and get back on the horse. We all have bad days but that's okay it's part of being human. As long as those bad days are kept to a minimal and we don't let them just build up day after day. 

I'm also struggling little bit on this blog because I put a lot of time and effort into it and I feel like it's being wasted and that very few people actually read it, even though I post it on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Writing a blog is something I have always wanted to do and in high school I actually wrote a very successful blog for a couple of years but now I wanted to have more meaningful content and to be able to reach more people in a beneficial way. I want to help others through my life experiences, through my struggles with health and fitness and diet and just living life to the fullest. Some of things I write about I know don't interest a lot of people but there are some things I desperately like to share with other people like trying new things or a new recipe. If you like to hear specific things feel welcome to email me comments at any time and I would love to share.

I'm currently working on putting together a review of tea which sounds kind of silly but my friend Tricia just wrote a blog post titled "Virtual Tea Date – Feeling Overwhelmed, Fancy Pants Clothes + Epic Sweat Sessionsand it made me realize I personally drink a lot of tea. I have about 10 different kinds of tea in my work locker at this very moment. So that is something I am looking forward to sharing with you in the next couple of weeks. I am also working on a runner feature series. Featuring many different runners in the Pathetic Running group on Facebook. These runners were kind enough to share their stories and I am excited to bring them to you. It's a perfect way to show that you can become a runner even in the bleakest of times and all kinds of people can be runners. There are no boundaries, which I absolutely love about running. 

Times for some uppers to negate those downers! 
Some things I am very much looking forward to: 
  • Anthony and I will be baking a cake tomorrow from scratch for his brothers birthday which is something Anthony has never done before. 
  • I am looking forward to buy a Christmas tree tomorrow with Anthony, our very first Christmas tree together.
  • I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving, I absolutely love Thanksgiving! 
  • I am looking forward to our one year anniversary which is technically November 26 but we will be celebrating it December 1 because of scheduling conflicts.
  • I am looking forward to Christmas, not just because it's Christmas but because my mom and sister will be in town visiting me as well which is very exciting! 
  • And then in January something very big is happening I will be closing out my lease and moving in with Anthony. We will have been together for well over year by then and I think it's about time especially since I miss him all the time! 
And on a positive note: 
  • I have managed to stay in the 130s for a couple of weeks now. 
  • I have not lost my drive for health and fitness despite the blah stuff. 
  • Anthony has completely cut out sugar, which is amazing! Go Anthony! 
  • I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. And I know exactly what I want to get for the rest of the shopping I had it to do, and already have a plan to get the rest a.k.a. all online on Black Friday. 
  • BooYah! 
This time of year is by far my most favorite time of the year I love food, I love baking, I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, the decorations, the sheer, the parties, the friendship and just all the round joy and love that is literally felt in the air during this time of year. I am a spring kind of lady weather wise but there's just something very special about walking into the kitchen and smelling baked goods or having a cup of tea when it's very cold out. 
What is your favorite time of year and why? Please share I would love to hear.
Keep your head up in the hard times. Keep on Running!