Monday, November 3, 2014

Get Your Rear in Gear 5k!

I took third in my age division at the Get Your Rear in Gear 5k
There I am! Third place in my age division.
However, I feel like I was gypped yet again because I wasn't even given a ribbon. That is not the point, I had a ton of fun! 
Jump up and celebrate!
Tricia, Anthony and I got our butts out of bed early Sunday morning and headed down to Marymoor park for the 5k. 
Waiting for the start! Cute Brooks shirts for this race!
Getting ready to start!
It was very well organized. I was surprised! For a small race it had wonderful aid, great snacks and free give away.
The huge staging area for the race reception!
Super Jock N Jill gave away probably a dozen gift certificates! I was waiting for Tricia to cross the finish line so I didn't get in on the give aways but it sure was fun to watch the contests! 

Miss Tricia crossing the finish line, YAY!!!
They had the cutest kids race! The kids chased vegetables and fruit! 
Anthony made Tricia and I breakfast! How wonderful is that!?! These mushrooms were AMAZING! He can cook for us anytime!
As far as 5k races go this is definitely a great race, from the location, the price for the race free, the free goodies, the entertainment, the community all is just completely wonderful. I highly recommend this race to anyone. Not to mention the great cause! They were very informative and provided information on Colon Cancer, its research and emphasis of the importance of getting health screenings done at an early age.
What races have you run lately?
Keep on Running!