Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Healthy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! So in order to be able to complete my first week of my 3 x 30 challenge I had to get up pretty early to get a workout in before work. But I did it! This is the work out that I did; Dumbbell Super Blast Workout for Intermediate Level by GymRa on YouTube. I watched several videos before deciding on this one and OMG I thoght I was going to die! It was such a good workout but had a lot more cardio in it than I thought it would. It was all weighted cardio too! So you are really getting an awesome workout. I highly recommend this for the more advanced people, not a beginners workout! But it is a full body workout and doesn't just concentrate on any one area.

I did something pretty cool tonight, I was able to dress up for work and hand out candy. It went really well but I wasn't able to get a photo. There are some out there, maybe I can get a hold of one and post it later. 
Tomorrow is my Saturday/Sunday -- because of my shift they are the same day! So my tomorrow I will be running in the Get your Rear in Gear 5k! I am really looking forward to it! I haven't seen my friend Tricia in a couple of weeks, so it'll be really nice to see her again. I am ready to put my all into the 5k, hopefully I can pull out a PR!
Are you allowed to dress up in costume for a race 2 days after Halloween? I wasn't able to get a Halloween Themed race in this year, thus the question of the day.
Keep on Running!
P.S. I haven't eaten a single piece of candy this Halloween!