Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nutrisystem revisited!

So I started Nurtrisystem in February, I lost 20 lbs very quickly on it then I switched plans to a Maintenance plan, which I have been using only on the days that I work,and lost another 8 lbs or so over several months. I have been struggling a bit with my eating the last month or so, so Anthony and I talked it over and I decided to go back to Nutrisystem 100% and he would help support me through the next month and a half. My whole goal of the next few weeks is to just avoid the holiday weight gain that EVERYONE seems to do every year. I am hoping that going back to NS full time I will be able to resist temptation and keep my weight off. 
I will be going back to the Weekends My Way Select Plan, which gives me Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Desert for Monday-Friday and I will be able to eat whatever I want on the weekends. But I will still be on the NS guidelines for the weekends. I will be taking Thanksgiving Day, Anthony and I's Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve off. Because they are called Holidays for a reason! I just don't want to be eating all of the holiday yummy's on non-holiday days.
Maybe I should create my own Nutrisystem video, huh? :D 
I hope you all can find your best fit to get through the holidays without ballooning up! I hope that you aren't like me in that regard. Seems like every year when I do gain those 10-15 lbs during the holidays it takes me through spring to get that weight back off! So I am really trying to not let that happen. 
What are your tips and tricks to get through the holidays?
Keep on Running!