Thursday, November 6, 2014

ooh the workouts

So this week if the first week in a long time that I have actually planned out my workouts. I wish I had better news to share about my progress this week...
First three days went great!
Sunday - Get your rear in gear 5k (3.1 miles)
Monday - 3 mile run 30 min strength
Tuesday - 6 mile run
Then Wednesday came... I was able to get the 8 miles in, it was rough because I decided to use the gym instead of running outside. BIG mistake, I had forgotten just how hard it is to use treadmills! So I kept going back and forth between a treadmill and elliptical, but I got those 8 miles in! I was working so hard that I completely forgot about the 30 minute strength exercise. So I fell behind on that. 
Wednesday - 8 mile run 30 min strength
My gym! See the wet parking lot? That's why I decided to take on the gym for my 8 miles.
I love how ellipticals use a different set up muscles than just running but my toes always go numb. 
Today's schedule was to be:
Thursday - 6 mile run
 I tried to make up for the forgotten strength training from yesterday and did Bob Harper's Inside Out Method Body Rev Cardio Conditioning, which is an hour long. Then I ran 3 miles, I had to fight some pretty bad weather on my run today too. 

You can't tell by the photos but it was crazy windy today. I should have checked the weather before heading out, there was a front coming in and I didn't know it. So I fought 20 mph winds! Then it started raining so it felt like pins hitting my face. But I did it! 
Unfortunately I am 3 miles behind on my schedule for this week. If I wake up early tomorrow I might be able to catch up and get in a 6 mile run, but I have a feeling I might not be able to simply because my work schedule is wacky this week and I am running on fumes. As a reminder, this is to be the rest of my week:
Friday - 3 mile run 30 min strength (Hoping to get up early to run 6 miles instead of 3)
Saturday - 6 mile run
I am going to try my absolute best to accomplish this feat! I haven't run this many miles in one week in a long time. So I am really hoping that I can do this.
I am already thinking about my next week's schedule and I am not exactly sure how it is going to work out. It is even more insane than this week. I am working more OT and flipping back to day shift for one day then back to nights again. Which is super hard on my body and makes me just want to sleep and not move an inch. But I think I can pull out 30 miles despite this challenge. It's not 35 but still a good number to strive for. I'll think about it more on Sunday and just get through Saturday!

No Excuses! Keep on Running!