Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Week Craziness!

Okay all y'all, I do still exist! It is just been so busy that I can hardly breathe yet alone stop and write a new post. On Sunday I volunteered at the Green Lake gobble with Trisha and then we walked it with Anthony. It was an interesting experience it started off with pouring down rain and unorganized volunteers but the day ended up being great we tried out blender bikes and went to brunch afterwards to fill up our bellies.
 Then Monday and Tuesday I was running errands to prepare for the week, then Anthony and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Tuesday. Which was completely wonderful! He took me out for dinner, window shopping, ice cream, dancing and we went back and cuddled up on the couch for TV time. Could not have been a better anniversary. 
Then on Wednesday before heading into work and I got up extra early and baked four pies! A blackberry pie, cherry pie, sweet potato pie, and a pumpkin pie.
I decided to bake everyone's favorite pie for Thanksgiving because we had to work and I felt bad that no one could spend the day with their families. So I was more than happy to make the pies and it was a lot of fun. I learned a few things about myself with these pies, first; I can bake four pies that turned out great under a lot of pressure and time constraints, second; I like sweet potato pie more than I like pumpkin pie and third;I absolutely love blackberry pie. I'm very proud of myself for these pies and that might seem silly, but that's okay.
Then on Thursday I got up early to go to Anthony's family's Thanksgiving dinner. Which was a lot of fun and I'm so glad that I was able to go to, then I headed straight into work from that. Today I slept in to recover from getting up so early two days and then when I did get up I pulled out my Christmas decorations in hopes that I can put up the tree with Anthony on Sunday after running in the Seattle half marathon. So as you can see I have been crazy busy but thankfully it has been good busy. 
Now let's talk about tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be getting up early, again, but this time it will be to go to downtown Seattle to pick up my race packet before work. Which I'm very excited about because Anthony has never been to a large race expo before and I think it'll be a fun experience for him. And I finally get to pick up my FLUR Seattle Green Lake running group T-shirt, I've been trying to pick it up for weeks now. But then I'll be heading straight back into work and then after I get off work I'll be heading directly to the race. Hopefully if I get to the race early enough I can meet up with the Green Lake running group before the race, which I am very excited about. 
I'm hoping the race goes well but the forecast is looking pretty grim. It was supposed be about 40° during the race but now is looking like 25° and I don't have any cold-weather running gear. So I might have to do a last-minute scramble to get some "throw away" sweatpants and sweatshirt for the start of the race. If you don't know much about the "throw away"sweatshirts and sweatpants, runners sometimes wear disposable warm weather clothes that they can just toss aside for donation later during the race after they have run a couple miles and are warmed up. 
So on top of the crazy weather I'm also a little worried because I haven't been able to run in the last couple of weeks. So I'm kind of doing this race cold turkey I know I can finish that unfortunately it won't be the time that I was looking for. 
After the race, Anthony and I will be baking a turkey and decorating my Christmas tree! I'm very excited about that, then I'll be headed to bed early because on Monday I'll be starting dayshift which I can't describe how excited I am! 
So as you can see I have been going going going and just not having any time to update you! I plan on taking many pictures the next couple of days and posting a full post race recap on the Seattle half.
Stop, breathe and Keep on Running!