Thursday, November 6, 2014

The colorful world of nail polish!

A few weeks ago my friend Tricia and I were at the Container Store and she found the coolest nail polish rack! I was very jealous but I didn't feel like spending too much money that day so a few days later I went on Amazon and found one very similar to hers. The one I bought was labeled simply as "Nail Polish Table Rack Display (Hold Up To 72 Bottles)" but it seems like a very solid and handy rack to me! 
This is how it came, all flat.
It was three pieces, took less than 2 minutes to put together and not tools required.
Placed on top of my dresser! Now I can see all of my colors!
Before I placed my polish on the rack I went through every single one and made sure they were still usable. I found a few there were not and it was a little bit surprising. 
Both Insta-Dri polishes are rather new and both gunky! I was surprised to find that. The Sally Hansen's were a bit older, the China Glaze I was Very disappointed with, it was only a few months old and it was separated and wouldn't mix again. The two mini OPI polishes were new-ish, about a year old and very goopy. The last one I had never heard of before and it was over a year old and it was bad too.
Over all it seemed like the OPI brand held up the best. I have several OPI Full sized polishes pushing 4 years old and they are still hanging on strong. For the money though, the Sally Hansen salon quality polishes are a good deal as well, just stay away from the Insta-Dri and Strength polishes. Sally Hansen now has several levels of polish to choose from.
Now I'm going to have to practice severe self control and not buy tons of new colors just to fill of the rack! Oh dear... this may not have been a good decision for my wallet's sake.
Happy Colors!