Thursday, November 20, 2014

Where or where has Katie Gone?

Well, I am still here. I have just been in recovery mode from the last two weeks of complete Crazy. I took my weekend off from Everything! I haven't been working out either. Sadface :( I just feel completely drained. The GREAT news is (drum roll please) I will be going to day shift in December! I am beyond ready and I am very excited to change shifts. The only sad part is I will be changing supervisors too and I have the best supervisor ever! I will miss him that's for sure. T-Minus 10 days and I will get my life back! (Hopefully that's the official date, still working on the details.) My current shift is (Every other Wed) Thu-Sat, 6pm-6am! I will be changing to Sun-Tues (every other Wed). Do you know what this means!?! I will have Fri and Saturdays off! OMG!!! 

It is 818 days from the start of my Night Shift Imprisonment to the end Or 2 years, 2 months, 27 days! 
Other ways to look at my night shift imprisonment:
§  70,675,200 seconds
§  1,177,920 minutes
§  19,632 hours
§  818 days
§  116 weeks (rounded down)

The last time I went to day shift for a couple of weeks, without changing my diet or exercise I lost 4lbs without trying! Why? Because for once I was sleeping during the night hours, not flip flopping back and forth every weekend. I am so happy to be able to sleep at night. One of the first things on my To Do List is to remove my black out curtains from my bedroom windows! 
To be on only one schedule, to be able to go out and do things on the weekends, to make plans without dreading being a zombie, to be way less stressed and to work with a crew that is fun and upbeat, what?! I am too excited!