Sunday, December 28, 2014

A strong feeling of football

Tis the season for football. So much so that when Mom and Kaurine were in town we had to make a special trip into Bellevue just to go to the team store so they could get Seahawks t-shirts. Intentions are high everyday come into work about who's winning there fantasy football championships and who is losing. And now we're getting in the final game to see who are in the playoffs very exciting!
Who is your favorite team? Who are you rooting for? I am personally Seahawks fan it's my second favorite team the Vikings, who are winning today by the way. The countdown to the Super Bowl is truly on its way!
I only wish that running got as much publicity as football! Then I think everyone would strive to be a runner and then everyone would be in such great shape wouldn't know what do with ourselves as a country! Instead we kick back, relax and have a beer while we watch our football. At least is an awesome sport!
Oh the power of advertising and marketing is a wonderful thing. Even NASCAR gets tons of viewers and they just go around and around!