Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bonnie Davis, a Running Rock Star

I would like to introduce Bonnie Davis a 45 year old Rock Star from Livonia, MI. She started running when other high impact workouts just weren’t enough and she wanted to see what else she could do. She started running in 2013 with the help of her sister who works for New Balance and was able to get her the hook up on running gear, how wonderful! This is her running journey.
What inspires you to run?
“I am inspired to run because it seemed like such an impossible feat for me. I used to lie in freshmen gym class, saying I had asthma to get out of our pre class run warm up. I have always hated it, but longed to do it. I have had dreams that I'm running and running, but it's like flying. I also am inspired by older runners I see at races who look fantastic. I want to be like that someday.”

Where do you prefer to run? Trails, treadmill, road, etc.?
“I definitely prefer to run outdoors. My neighborhood is pretty flat and boring but it's laid out for easy routing and lots of safe sidewalks and neighborhoods lend to safe nighttime running if necessary. I want to delve into trails more next spring. I have been known to stop and just run in a park if it appeals and I'm dressed for it!”

What are your favorite pieces of running gear? And least?
My favorite pieces are the beautiful shoes my sister has so generously supplied me, my HB Tune handband for my iPhone because I hate shoulder holders and it's more convenient to access my phone during runs, and in the summer, my wrist sweat bands. A must! I think my least fav piece would be sunglasses. A necessary evil, but mine always steam up and drip and get in the way.”

Why do you run?
“I run because I love the high I get, because it makes me feel good about myself, because I' have overcome a challenging activity I never thought I could do, and because it seems to help me control my weight.”

Have you run any races? If so what is your favorite race so far?
“I have run in 6 5ks and one 4 miler. My last one was called The Moonlight Bootlegger, it was at night, in the cold, and it was my first trail race ever, I had never run on trails and hills, in the dark! It was a blast. I came in 4th in my age group by 30 seconds. Grrrrrr”

What run, personal or race, are you the most proud of accomplishing?
“I'm proud of all my races so far! In 2 of them, I placed 3 rd in my age group and got medals which really got me hooked, and of those, 1 in particular was ultra-cool because my hubby got 3rd in his age group too! We laughed and teased each other about it, but felt pretty good about ourselves!”

If you have a weight loss journey can you provide a brief description of your start and current progress?
“I have been on a weight loss journey for a long time. I have been a Weight Watchers Lifetimer for over 2 years, maintaining a 35 to 40lbs loss. The running only started in April of this year, but it definitely has helped maintain.”

Have you seen any health improvements?
“I have definitely seen improvements. My breathing during runs has improved immensely. That was originally my deterrent to running, my breathing was horrible and I would have to stop a lot. Now, I never walk during runs, and my breathing, unless it’s super cold or windy, is the least of my concerns while running. I also have found other workouts are much easier. Ones that were so challenging before are far less now. My legs definitely look better too!”

If you run races, how do you feel about receiving a finishing medal for short distances like 5ks?
“I like medals if it’s for speed and not just for running the race. I will not run a race because they offer medals to all finishers. I think that’s a bit silly. I think you should get a medal for going fast! I mean, it's almost childish to me to run a race just to get a medal that you basically just paid to get. But that’s just me! I do think you should get a medal for doing a half or a marathon! You deserve it!!!! And I don't think you're doing that distance JUST to get a medal. But I think there are a lot of medal mongers out there. And these companies that put on races and offer medals to finishers in 5ks know this!”

Do you have any tips or advice for beginner runners or runners who are thinking about quitting?
“If I have any advice to anyone considering running, it would be just do it. Start out slow, follow one of the programs out there for couch to 5k, and don’t tell yourself you can’t. Don't find excuses not to, they all suck usually. You must overcome many worries when you start running. Yes, your breathing will suck, walk when you have to, yes your knees and thighs will hurt, and they need to adjust to the new activity! Just do it. Either you get hooked or you don't. And on those days when you don't feel like doing it at all, DO IT! That’s when you feel the best afterwards!!! Unless you are terribly injured, don't quit if you love it. I keep hearing if you go to a doctor who tells you not to run, find another doctor! And don't ever think you're too old!”
Thank you Bonnie Davis for sharing your story. 

Keep on Running!