Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve is tomorrow!

Are you ready? Christmas is upon us! If you have been reading then you know I have been doing the Merry Marathoner's Christmas and tonight will be the last night. And then Christmas is here! 
I have been preparing all month long for Christmas, my apartment is deck to the nines, there are tons of Christmas presents under the tree, I have baked and given out Christmas cookies, I have been doing my do diligence  and listening to Christmas music as much as I possibly can and I have been cleaning my apartment nonstop and preparation for my family's arrival. Does any of this sounds familiar to you? You know it's the season when… Sounds about right, correct?
 I do have to admit in all the hustle bustle I have slacked off in the running department, I haven't gone out for nearly as many runs as I would like. And then after Sunday's race I was actually kind of sore which made me sad. Because that means I'm falling out of shape. But that is something to look forward to after Christmas as well, the ability to get out there and run again after it's over!
 To go out and run off all the candy, cookies, ham, stuffing, and just the overall gorging of oneself during the holidays you can run off. Not to mention any family frustrations you may have built up over the last few days (and coming days). Running is much better than therapy. 
I am hoping that the rest of you have found time to get out and run this month and hopefully haven't fallen victim to all the treats that have been strategically placed in front of you at all times during the whole month.
 It's that time year again we start making New Year's resolutions and planning for the next year to start. I'm always trying to think of new ways to motivate myself, to keep going, to keep running, to keep trying to stay in shape and eating well. This year I have found a new fitness goal to strive for, it has to do with my Mountains 2 Beach marathon in May. I would like to reach a certain fitness level before the race. And not to be just fit enough to finish the race but to look good doing it! My goal is to be able to feel comfortable running the marathon in a sports bra and shorts. It sounds silly but I've never run in that outfit before and there would be the added benefit of staying s bit cooler. I'm going to be going from cool cool weather in WA to significantly warmer weather in So Cal. The more reasons, the better! Easier for me to not lose sight of my goal. 
Have you started thinking of a New Years resolution yet? 
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running!