Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cold Weather Running

This weekend I ran in Seattle half marathon and it was 26° at the start which is the coldest temperatures I have ever run in but I went prepared. I wore my running leggings like normal with an extra pair of sweatpants on top which were meant to be donated at one of the water stops if I warmed up enough. And then I wore to longsleeve running shirts and then a sweater that was also meant to be donated if I became warm enough during the run, which I ended up donating at mile two.  I also wore my light weight running gloves and a light weight headband just to keep my ears covered and ended up being perfect not too much not too little. 
Last night I went out for a run with Anthony and it was 30°. I just wore my running capris, two long sleeve running shirts, gloves and my headband. I was a little chilled but I quickly realize that was because the sun wasn't out versus on Sunday the sun was shining bright. But overall for running it was just right. Anthony because he's still a new runner is learning how to dress appropriately for different types of runs we have been encountering. For instance last night he wore sweats which was great, then a medium weight jacket with the tech shirt, a skullcap and really heavy duty snow gloves. He quickly found out this was way too much, the jacket made him burn up in the gloves were just way too warm for him. That's part of the learning process of constantly changing weather conditions four runner. And most the time it's completely different for each runner and you just have to find what works best for you. For cold-weather running sometimes less is more as Anthony found out last night. 
My vice for cold-weather running is at least have a one layer that covers down to your hands and ankles then you can add extra layers if needed to stay warm. Along with the headband or skullcap and a pair of light gloves. No need to go super fancy that you dollar store ones work. But I find if you add too many layers you run into the same situation Anthony had last night. Because mostly your layer is to prevent the wind from hitting you, more so than protects you from the cold getting in because your body really takes care of itself when you're running. 
Another thing to consider is ICE! Always pay attention to wear you are running and be safe! Also be sure to wear your reflective gear, because of the early nights and holiday drivers safety comes first!
Keep on Running! Be safe! 
Don't forget to stretch it out!