Thursday, December 25, 2014

Looking toward the future

Christmas has come to pass and as we clean up our wrapping paper and tinsel we are sooner in the fact that Christmas is now over. Our families have so gone home and it's time to move on to the next big adventure! 

I did receive a couple awesome gifts this year and one of them was a PR board for Anthony and I. I love it and I also have a medal hanger that goes just below it. I cannot wait to use it!

I was able to create a little bit of a Christmas miracle myself, I magically gained 12 pounds in 7 days! I went back on to Nutrisystem this morning and will be starting Advocare in January. I am hoping to get rid of all of my holiday weight gain by January 7. That is my first mini goal. 

 This is The basic outline for the Advocare 24 day challenge, there are two phases the Cleanse phase in the Max phase. And during the challenge you were given a daily food guide as well for clean eating during the challenge you were also encouraged to work out several times a week. So it's mostly just an aid and you still do the work yourself. Although it doesn't seem like a good idea to combine to do Nutrisystem and Advocare, so I will not be doing that and I'll be cooking my own meals during the challenge.

24-Day Challenge Overview

The 24-Day Challenge is a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program designed to give your body the JumpStart it needs to help you reach your goals. There's something for everyone – whether you are looking for weight management, energy, overall body composition or overall wellness. 

Cleanse Phase 

Proper absorption of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals is essential to maintaining a healthy body. However, periodic lifestyle changes may generate the need for a "fresh start" - that's where the Cleanse Phase comes in. On Days 1-10 of the 24-Day Challenge, you will take three products.

These products, in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, help to rid your body of waste and prepare your body to better absorb nutrients. This isn't the kind of cleanse where you drastically reduce calories or consume only liquids.

Max Phase
After completing the Cleanse Phase, it’s time to move into days 11-24: The Max Phase. The Max Phase is about fueling your body in order to achieve maximum results. During this phase you will take three products that work together to provide you with sustained energy, appetite control, core nutrition and overall wellness.

I'm really looking forward to trying something new and of course I will be updating you my progress throughout the challenge. 

Keep on Running!

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