Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Marathoner's Christmas Day 14

How many of you go out for a run and don't take any form of ID with you? What happens to you if there's an accident? Will the emergency crew be able to ID you somehow or be able to know if you have any sort of allergies to any medications? These are some of the things that road ID had in mind when they created their athletic identification cards. They very similar to dog tags in that they are metal, small and say who you are. We could also put your address, emergency contacts, you're known allergies, and even your blood type on it just in case of emergencies. And that way you're not always bog down by dragging your ID everywhere you go.
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 I personally have been using a Road ID for a couple of years now and I think it's great. I have a small clip that just goes right on my shoe and I don't have to worry about even taking it off when I'm done. It's pretty much always on my shoes.
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 The gift of "practicality" in Anthony's words is what I gave him in the form of the Road ID. That might be true but it's only because I care. If you're looking for a gift for someone you care about you want to show that you care this is definitely a good gift for that. 
Get many different types of devices to carry your ID on. There are bracelets, shoe clips, shoe pouches, ankle bracelets and even dog tags. They even have special tags and collars for your furry friends. 
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It's great for safety and practicality! I highly recommend Road ID! to learn more!