Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Merry Marathoner's Christmas Day 2

Yesterday was officially day two of Anthony's Merry Marathoner's Christmas. What he received most people don't really think of, but it can be a vital tool for long-distance running if your a man or even a woman. 
It's body glide or an anti-Chase balm that you can place in areas such as nipples or wear a brawl my rub you wrong when you're running. It keeps the sores away and makes for a happy runner. It can be used and also to places even on your ankle where your new shoe might be rubbing you wrong. If you get a run with a cotton T-shirt on you know that's just bad news Bears and this is the perfect product to help with that. It's just a new and improved version of the old classic Vaseline which still works great but can get messy really fast. The new bar form of body glide makes it much easier to apply and travel friendly. 
Very Merry Christmas and keep on running!