Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Merry Marathoner's Christmas Day 8

Have you ever been out running in the cold but A hat was just too much and makes you get overheated? Or have tried to traditional earmuffs and then they end up just falling off your head from the bouncing of the running? Well boys and girls alike can rejoice because there's such thing as a technical fabric which has moisture wicking technology made into headbands! So the best I have found us far I've been by Saucony. I have a pink one that also has a ponytail hole and I gifted Anthony a black universal one last night. He tried it on right away and was pleasantly surprised that it covered his ears without compromise! 
His and hers, mine is much wider than the black one. They have several different styles for anyone who needs one. 
I have never over heated in this headband and it has never been too cold either. The breath ability is fantastic on these little guys. I highly recommend them!
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running!