Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Marathoner's Christmas Day 9

If you're anything like me you're always checking the news updates on the latest and greatest technologies for runners and triathlons alike. There are many different types of sport watches out there ranging from $30-$700 but I have my eye on one fitness band called the Microsoft band which is currently unavailable otherwise I would buy one because I'm very excited about it and the other is the Garmin 920 XT which is basically on my dream list because by the time you get the watch and the heart rate monitor and any other accessories you're looking at about $700 for the whole thing. But in the meantime I know almost all of us have cell phones and cell phones actually have gotten really good about their GPS apps for running that you can download for free. I prefer map my run and I hear really good things about run keeper as well. And of course if you're using your phone to run then you're gonna need a place to put it! And that brings me to the Merry Marathoner's Christmas Day 9 Christmas gift. An armband for your phone, now most of us have one of these lying around somewhere, I personally have two but ironically I hardly ever listen to music on my phone when I run which is why bought it originally. Now I mostly just use it for GPS tracking. And is a great temporary solution until I can get one of those watches that I've been dreaming about, the same thing for Anthony, he wants a Microsoft band which also has GPS tracking for daily life and for running.
This is the armband that I bought Anthony it's nothing fancy just the basic running armband but I made sure to get one that is a little bit more water resistance than others because we do live in the Pacific Northwest and it rains a lot. I just wanted to make sure that his phone would be protected. But a little trick I found is to put my phone in the armband underneath my running slick it makes it hard to get to during a run but it will  keep your phone nice safe and dry. 
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running!