Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nintendo Holiday Party

Anthony and I put Merry Marathon's Christmas on hold yesterday and attended his company annual holiday party instead. Which, for us, is the event of the year. Anthony dressed in a very nice suit and bow tie and I wore a black evening dress, my favorite compliment of the evening was "You two look like you are from a James Bond movie!" That really made me feel good!
Nintendo sure knows how to throw a part! They have tons of food catered by Tom Douglas, he himself was even serving at the party, live music and of course, open bars, yes, several of them! 
This year Anthony and I spent most of the evening playing in the mock casino, which neither of us had planned on doing. Anthony placed his bet in roulette and lost but I only played a small bet. I wanted to bet a bit more so I told Anthony to mingle and when he came back that we would go dance. Well when he came back I still had "$400" so we placed the bet on "24" the day of our first date and won! $17k of fake money lol with that we went and played blackjack for quite a while and tried to get up to a winning amount. The top 3 earners for
the evening would receive gift cards. We ended up with $27k but didn't quite make it into the top 3. We had a complete blast! I feel very fortunate that I was able to go again this year with Anthony. I hope that you are able to attend some wonderful holiday events of your own.
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running!