Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not Eww, Gu!

Yesterday was day 4 of Merry Marathoner's Christmas and it was a plethora of Gu products. Fueling properly for long distance running or any thing of extreme endurance is very important. There are fueling products from protein bars and energy drinks to Gu shots and jellybeans. I can't say whether any product is better than another it's a very personal choice of what you use. For me I have a very picky stomach so I choose what doesn't upset my stomach and I get products that tend to not ruin my run.
For me it took several different tries to find a project that work best and I think that goes for most people usually don't find a product that's best for you on your first try a lot of trial and error. But that's what training runs are for and believe it or not trying out new fuel products is very much so part of training. When race day comes you need to be properly energized and you don't want to be trying new things on race day.
So my advice is to go slow and try new things over several weeks and write down what works best for you and what doesn't that way you remember for future uses. Is there are hundreds if not thousands of different products geared to athletes. 
This is the assortment that I gifted to Anthony lemon lime and tropical fruit roctane ultraendurance drinks, vanilla bean, strawberry banana, tri berry, chocolate outrage, salted caramel, and mandarin orange Gu shots. Some of the most popular flavors my personal favorite is the strawberry banana.
Do you have some favorite fuel products? I would love to hear about it.
Merry Christmas and Keep on Running.