Seattle Food Tour, Food Pictures Galore!

Tricia and I partied hardy last Friday evening in Capital Hill, Seattle. She invited me out for a Seattle Food Tour, something that I had never done before and I thought it sounded like fun (after I figured out what she was talking about.) So I arrived at Bar Cotto, the start of the tour, and I thought we were going to two places and Tricia informs me that we were going to five! WoW!  So after I get the confusion out of the way we are greeted by our tour host Coral. 
Bar Cotto is owned by Ethan Cole and is a small Parma-style salumeria and cocktail bar with pizza, Italian vegetables, bruschetta and a daily selection of both local and international cured meats. We had the pleasure of enjoying Bar  "torta fritta" (fried dough breads) with Prosciutto Cotto, Mortadella and Salami paired with a Lambrusco sparkling red wine, the bubbles in the wine help you salivate more which in turn helps wash down strong or salty foods.
The second stop on our tour was Le Zinc, Le Zinc is a sister restaurant of Maximilian located in Pike Place Market. Le Zinc is stilly relatively new only 1 year and 7 months old! It is contemporary French gastropub which features a carefully selected bar menu primarily of local and French spirits. We were served scallops breaded with comte cheese on a Fingerling potato hash, Apple slices and taro root chips with a bourbon sauce.
Our third stop and my favorite was Momiji Sushi Resturant and Bar they specizlize in hand-crafted sushi, rolls, omakase and other traditional Japanese foods prepared from great Northwest ingredients.We were served edimmome and a wonderful and amazing butterfly roll made with Ahi tuna, creamy crab, avocado and dressing creamy crab, and tobiko.  The fish is very fresh with a slight lemony citrus taste, brisk and bright flavored with a slight spice to the roll. The wasabi was very smooth and not overpowering like most wasabi and it very good. The Ginger wasn't bitter or old it was fresh and perfect! Soft and flavorful. This was some of the best sushi I have ever eaten and I love sushi. 
Our fourth but not last stop was the Tin Table in the Odd Fellows building, it is a tucked away romantic spot in the upper floors of the historic Odd fellows Hall and showcases regional cuisine with an attention to locally sourced and sustainable farm fresh ingredients. The owner Hallie Kuperman greeted us upon our arrival and told us about the evening we were to have. Then Chef Frank Wielgosiek came out and introduced himself and described that we were to have hickey smoked salmon with bacon braised cabbage and apples, buckwheat spaetzle, pomegranate seeds and a drizzle of pomegranate syrup. After eating we were given a tour of the Century Ballroom and the champagne flute wall. It was just incredible! Everyone was so nice and took the time to explain every question any of us had. I highly recommend the Tin Table. 

The dessert stop was at D’Ambrosio Gelato, my favorite dessert! I never had gelato until I moved to Seattle but now I am an addict. I had Caramel and Mexican chocolate gelato. So creamy and delicious! D'Ambrosio Gelato uses fresh local ingredients that are masterfully combined with imported nuts, preserves and chocolates to create a refined handmade Gelato daily by University Certified Gelato Masters, a certification that very few in the world can claim to have received. D’Ambrosio artisan gelato is made from Organic Dairy products from Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy of Lynden WA and Fresh Fruit, no corn syrup, no preservatives, no artificial coloring.
Thank you all so much for taking the time to read about this wonderful tour! I highly recommend this wonderful evening out!

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