Monday, January 12, 2015

Advocare day 6 in review

Okay, Day 6 did not go very well. And I don't mean with what I was eating or what I did that day but in reference to how many times I had to run to the bathroom. It was a pretty unpleasant day altogether I spent probably half of it in the restroom. And I wasn't just going to the bathroom but running to the bathroom. Now this is the first day I've had  this happen on this program and I'm hoping that it doesn't continue because if it does that means I may have to stop. But today I go back on the fiber drink, because we took a couple days off according to their daily planner, and I'm interested to see if that will straighten my tummy back out or just make me even gassier like I was when I first started. Sorry for the unpleasantness but I promise to report all the gritty details on my Advocare experience.
I am hoping for the best! Thank you for reading this nasty post, have a great day. 
Keep on running.