Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 2 of Advocare

Yesterday I completed the first day of Advocare and it was tough. Not because of the diet restrictions but because of the fiber drink. As soon as I poured into the water to mix it together my first thought was "this looks like a ground up walnut they stuck in here"and after reading the label it turns out I wasn't far off, there was oak fiber and black walnut in it. At first the drink isn't bad but if you let it sit for more than a few minutes it's starts to coagulate and reminded me a lot of malt I meal from back in the day. The consistency is what was tough for me to taste itself wasn't bad at all.
The two Spark drinks that I have with my 24 day challenge are orange and fruit punch. The orange kind of reminds me of a weak tang and the fruit punch does taste like Kool-Aid so it isn't bad. 
Last night I also took my first set of cleanse pills before going to bed but so far haven't noticed anything different with that either. Now to continue on with day too hopefully I can drink the fiber drink quickly enough that it doesn't coagulate and I can do a little bit better about my clean eating today and try to avoid as many processed foods as I can. What I figured is that Advocare is promoting a Paleo diet. Avoiding processed foods and encouraging to eat vegetables and lean meats. Which is fine by me and totally makes sense. 
On with day two! Keep on Running!