Saturday, January 10, 2015

The writer in me, it is in you?

Are you a writer? The topic of this morning's conversation at breakfast. I believe that I have the ability to be a decent one, I went out for the journalism team in high school but my teacher felt like I didn't make the cut. I still believe to this day it was due to the differences in our writing styles. Why do I believe that? I received an A in every writing class that I have ever had. In college my professor loved my work and even used my work for future assignments. However, I felt hurt and undermined by my high school teacher. I didn't think I could ever be a writer after the way he treated me. Strangely, 11 years after being rejected I am, as far as I know, the only person out of that group of students that did make the cut actually writing anything at all these days. It is strange how that worked out. That is life for you. 
This whole conversation was brought up by the idea of trying to actually earn money off of my writing. I doubt that will happen any time soon but I feel there is always potential for that. I would love to do something for running magazines. For instance, be an official race reviewer or event coverage for their magazines. For now, I am content writing in my little blog and sharing my findings and experiments in the health and fitness activities of my daily life and any other adventures that I might have. I thank you all very much for your support and I hope to keep finding entertaining and useful topics for you. As you all know I am currently finishing up my first week on Advocare and I am seeing some results. I hope that the down and dirty descriptions of how Advocare is really affecting my body is helpful to you all. It's not a fluff piece for Advocare by any means! But I want to report to you the truth of the matter. 
Thank you again, I hope that you keep on reading! Keep on Running!