Monday, February 9, 2015

High Nuun All Day!

As in wearing Nuun all day! I was really excited to be able to try my very first Nuun tablet today, I got my water in my water bottle and dropped in my tablet and closed it… Big mistake! My water bottle has a straw in it. There are no warning labels on the Nuun containers but maybe there should be. Why? Because I opened the tab on my water bottle after it finished dissolving and it exploded like a geyser all over me! So I was completely covered in Nuun while at work... not fun. 
If you haven't heard about Nuun, you are probably wondering what it is! What is NuunNuun is an electrolyte tab that helps you "one up" your water to make a healthy, fruit flavored drink. Unlike most sports or electrolyte drinks it has no sugar, is under 8 calories and only equipped with the essential electrolytes and vitamins your body needs to replenish after activity.  The tubes are small and will fit perfectly in any purse/bag/briefcase, etc. They are eco-friendly and TSA approved.There are over 20 different flavors and four lines of Nuun. Nuun Active Hydration, Nuun U Hydration, Nuun All-Day Hydration and Nuun Energy.  
That being said, the Nuun All Day Grape Raspberry is a very tasty beverage. It is a more subtle flavor than most drinks and not fizzy at all. Which I thought it might be because of the alka seltzer like tablets. One thing that I was kind of surprised by is how long it takes for the tablets to fully dissolve. It's about five minutes. 
The second flavor I tried was the Nuun Energy Cherry Limeade, which I LOVED! It tastes just like a Cherry Limeade that you'd get from Sonic. It isn't quite as strong as a Cherry Limeade you might find at Sonic but it does kind of give a Pop Rocks feel on your tongue, which is fun! My absolute favorite and it is wonderful! I am so glad that I was able to find this flavor. I am officially addicted!
I also tried the Nuun Active Hydration Tri Berry, unfortunately I didn't love this flavor. I usually love berry flavored drinks but this one reminded me a bit of medicine. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't try it if you like Tri Berry! 

Nuun All Day Hydration (I tried the Grape Raspberryhelps you drink more water every day with refreshing flavors and is enhanced with an all-natural blend of vitamins and minerals so you get an easy way to get vitamins throughout the day.

Nuun Active Hydration (I tried Tri Berry) is formulated specifically for higher intensity activities and/or higher electrolyte replenishment needs.
Nuun Energy (I tried Cherry Limeade) was launched last year and has added B vitamins and 40mg of caffeine for a more sustained energy drink without all the sugar. 
Full disclaimer: I requested to do this review for Nuun, they provided me with the flavors to try and to give my full feed back.