Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rise and shine and welcome the new day!

Rise and shine my lovely people! It is officially Tuesday morning. Did you survive your Monday? I did, but just barely. After my long day at work, Anthony convinced me to go to the gym and I was so tired and didn't feel like staying very long so we did 20 minutes on the stairmaster. I set it at nine and just went with it and I managed to do a full 20 minutes on nine which equaled out to 102 flights of stairs during my workout. Which isn't bad at all! So I'm still glad he convinced me to go to the gym even though I felt too tired. I left drenched in sweat and feeling quite a bit better. It's amazing how good of a workout you can get and only 20 minutes on the stairmaster.
That just shows even a short workout is much better than no work out at all. And pushing a bit harder than I normally do on the stairmaster ended up feeling pretty good too.
Afterwards we watched the movie The Boxtrolls, it was pretty interesting. There were people exploding and even cross dressers in this cartoon which was pretty unexpected for me. Considering it's a children's movie. I think my favorite part though was at the very end after the credits it showed a time relapse of how they do claymation. Moving each little piece millimeter by millimeter to create a movie was interesting. I didn't realize during the movie that it was actually traditional claymation either, I thought it was one of the new claymation type animated cartoons. They did a really good job.

Keep on running!